Laura (Kidd) Payne battled with cancer for five years before passing from this existence into the presence of The Master, Yahshua, better known as Jesus, The Messiah on June 10th, 2020.  She touched many lives in her thirty-nine years on earth.  She believed in Father YHWH, and His Son, and chose to follow Him wherever He might lead.  Her story is one of hope and belief in the Promises made by God, and kept by Him.  She prayed for healing, and she is now healed.  She wanted to tell her story, but there wasn’t time.  Now it is left to us.  I’m writing this, but it is a collection of my memories and those around her whose lives she touched.  I’m her dad.

Banner Kidd


Kidd Production Group is the management and production entity for Banner Kidd. Banner is a songwriter, podcaster and a teller of stories of life and faith.